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Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Motion What’s New

The Ansys Motion solver has powerful new enhancements in this 2023 R1 software release, including updates to data handling that speeds simulation times by up to 3X. Sign up to learn What's New for Ansys Motion.


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About this Webinar

For the latest Ansys software release, Ansys Motion continues to driveimproved user experience, enhanced capabilities, & improved solve times across heavy machinery, automotive, medical applications and more. Attend our upcoming webinar to learn about the latest software updates including:

  1. Increased commonalities between the Motion interface in Mechanical and the Mechanical interface to ensure users are operating from a similar UX for ease of use
  2. New functionalities within the Motion standalone post-processor, including pre-set window properties, independent contact pressure, and stress/strain plots for multi-layered elements, allow users to post-process their models more efficiently and more automated
  3. Enhancements to constrain formulations and electromagnetic force data handling within the Motion standalone solver speed up simulation times by 3X. Solution accuracy improvements to the eigenvalue solver mean models can now be more accurately solved the first time


Devashish Sarkar

Ansys Motion interface