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Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Maxwell What’s New

Join us for the 2023 R1 presentation on what’s new for Ansys Maxwell. You’ll learn the latest performance improvements for induction machine simulation and enhancements to accelerate your complex multilayer PCB design simulations.


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About this Webinar

In the 2023 R1 update for Maxwell, you'll learn the improvements made on the ROM-based efficiency map and the quasi-static solvers. More specifically, these improvements will help you to

Obtain a significant simulation performance improvement by utilizing a Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) in the Machine Toolkit to reduce the traditional FEA-based solution to a circuit simulation

Reduce the overall time assignment of the magnetic field from hours to minutes by applying a set of improvements on the quasi-static solvers

Enable creative decision-making in multilayer PCB simulations, especially in electronic product design for applications such as portable devices, computers, power supplies, and more

What You Will Learn

  • Utilize the Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) in induction machines
  • Improve on the quasi-static solvers for complex multilayer PCB design simulations
  • Enhance simulation performance across the board

Who Should Attend

Current Maxwell users for they are already familiar with the product.


Marius Rosu Headshot

Marius is the Lead Product Manager for the electromechanical product line at Ansys. He is responsible for building and maintaining the portfolio roadmap and developing the product line's long-term business strategy. Marius has over 25 years of electrical and electromagnetic engineering experience, including 15 years of research and distinguished academic performance.

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