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Material Intelligence: From Selection to Management

Every manufacturing organization will face materials challenges during the product development process.

By combining Ansys Granta Selector with Ansys Granta MI Pro into an easy-to-use workflow, any development team can select and control materials data in a simple, intuitive way. Your materials data can be stored, searched and accessed directly within leading CAD, CAE and FE simulation products.

Granta MI Pro delivers a fast-start materials data management system for designers and simulation analysts. It ensures that all members of the product development team have easy access to consistent and approved materials information when they need it, where they need it.

Using Granta Selector together with Granta MI Pro, you will be able to:

  • Implement best practices when managing materials data, ensuring correct materials selection and assignment during product design.
  • Use systematic materials selection in Granta Selector combined with extensive materials data to find candidate materials.
  • Locate and validate similar materials to existing choices for rapid replacement or substitution, including specific grades and suppliers.
  • Increase productivity by enabling your team to access selected materials faster.
  • Ensure materials consistency across your team and between CAD drawings/models and the data used in CAE, reducing risk and avoiding errors that can lead to delay.



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