Simulate larger designs with more parameters in far less time

With the ANSYS HPC software suite, you can use today’s multicore computers to perform more simulations in less time.These simulations can be bigger, more complex and more accurate than ever using HPC. The various ANSYS HPC licensing options let you scale to whatever computational level of simulation you require, from single-user or small user group options for entry-level parallel processing up to virtually unlimited parallel capacity. For large user groups, ANSYS facilitates highly scalable, multiple parallel processing simulations for the most challenging projects when needed. Apart from parallel computing, ANSYS also offers special product solutions for parametric computing, which enables you to more fully explore the design parameters (size, weight, shape, materials, mechanical properties, etc.) of your product early in the development process.

HPC enhances your engineering productivity by accelerating your simulation throughput. Building on a sustained investment in HPC software innovation and development, ANSYS solutions are engineered for scalability, so you can apply simulation at the appropriate level of detail, whether for simple initial design studies or highly detailed optimization work.

HPC also gives you higher-fidelity insight into product performance — insight that cannot be gained any other way because HPC allows you to simulate larger, more complex models (and even systems) so that more accurate design decisions can be made throughout the development process.

HPC also enables you to consider more design ideas and make efficient product development decisions based on enhanced understanding of performance trade-offs. Using the combination of ANSYS Workbench with parallel and parametric HPC solutions from ANSYS, you can simultaneously evaluate multiple, automated parametric design variations over a range of operating conditions within an industrially acceptable time. Combining our design of experiments (DOE), Six Sigma and optimization tools with HPC solutions from ANSYS, you can determine which design parameters require the tightest quality control, and reach an optimal design that works across a range of operating conditions.



  • HPC

    For entry-level parallel processing, you can license HPC by the number of parallel processes needed. You can add multiple CPUs (and GPUs) at a small incremental cost.

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  • HPC Pack

    For higher-fidelity simulations, HPC Packs enable you to scale your use of high-performance computing to whatever level your simulation requires.

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  • HPC Workgroup

    HPC Workgroup solutions offer volume parallel capabilities to enhance the throughput of multiple simulations and improve the productivity of you and your colleagues within a single co-located workgroup.

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  • HPC Parametric Pack

    For fluids and structures, this license amplifies your available ANSYS licenses for individual applications, enabling simultaneous execution of multiple design points with a single set of application licenses.

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  • Distributed Solve (DSO)

    In the area of electromagnetics, DSO provides you the ability to automatically and simultaneously execute design variations while consuming just one set of application licenses.

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  • HPC Partner Solutions

    We partner with the leaders in HPC to ensure that you can get the best return on software and hardware investment.

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Optimizing the Design of a Jaw Crusher

By using HPC, Metso was able to design a higher capacity - but not heavier - jaw crusher while reducing design iteration time by 94 percent.

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Simulation of Wind Turbine Sites Increases Power Yield and Reduces Risk

Enabled by high-performance computing, the accurate prediction of wind conditions including wind speed, wind shear, wind veer and turbulence intensity both under ambient and waked conditions turns out to be vital for intelligent project design.

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SGI Customer Case Study with Qorvo

A leading RF solutions firm significantly reduced simulation times and simulation failure rates for complex laminate designs and corners processing.

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