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EnVision: The Viewer for EnSight

Create a view of your data with EnSight, then present and share it with EnVision. EnVision features high-speed flipbooks, high-quality rendering and support for textures, materials, light sources and created geometry that can help you present your data anywhere in an interesting and informative way.



  • Pan, rotate, zoom
  • Play flipbook animations
  • Play keyframe animations
  • Write to select image and movie formats
  • Free download

EnVision Pro, the Best Way to Review EnSight Data

Are you sure you have all the views you need for that big presentation or project review? With EnVision Pro, you can interact with the data and create new views in real time to answer questions in the meeting room. Use interactive tools such as multivariables access, transient data, auxiliary clipping with the plane tool, annotations and viewports to see your data in new ways, ways you didn't originally prepare in EnSight. With EnVision Pro, you can create photorealistic images using ray tracing, and share your work in more ways than ever. EnVision Pro reads and writes EnVision .evsn files. It also writes to open and licensed image and movie formats, ensuring that your data can be viewed no matter what audience or technology is in play.


EnVision Pro

  • All the features of EnVision
  • Output realistic-looking images through ray-tracing
  • Multi-variables access
  • Transient data (in addition to flipbook animations)
  • Auxiliary clipping with the plane tool
  • Specify center of transform
  • Variable color palette editing
  • Picking
  • Right-click operations
  • Edit the light sources
  • Drag and drop
  • Create keyframe animations
  • Create/edit annotations
  • Create/edit viewports
  • Query Values
  • Included with each Ansys EnSight license

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