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One of the first steps in creating a model and performing preprocessing on it prior to simulations is 3D model reconstruction.

The Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite is a complete set of tools developed for engineering and medical professionals that allow you to perform a multitude of engineering operations for medical image processing. Due to the complex geometry of the human anatomy the most accurate way to generate a 3D model is via segmentation. Materialise Mimics is developed for the segmentation of medical images (input from CT, MRI, micro-CT, CBCT, 3D Ultrasound, Confocal Microscopy) in order to create 3D models of the subject’s anatomy.

Once the 3D model is created, the next step is to define a geometry in order to specify the domain of interest. The domain of interest is divided into small segments called mesh. A mesh is a discretization of a domain existing in one, two or three dimensions. Three-dimensional meshes created for numerical analysis need to consist of tetrahedral, hexahedra, pyramids or prisms. Using Materialise 3-matic, the mesh can be generated for further FEA or CFD analysis. The created mesh can be used as an input for Solver Packages such as Ansys. Next required steps for simulation include: definition of loading, boundary conditions and materials which can be done within the Ansys preprocessing software. Once the model has been set-up, it is ready to be solved using the Implicit/Explicit Solvers.

Use Materialise Mimics to:

  • Easily and quickly create accurate 3D models from imaging data
  • Accurately measure in 2D and 3D
  • Export 3D models to 3-matic to optimize the mesh for FEA or CFD
  • Export 3D models in STL format for additive manufacturing
  • Import DICOM, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, X-ray or raw image data

Use Materialise 3-matic to:

  • Perform 3D measurements and engineering analyses
  • Design patient-specific implants or surgical guides
  • Preprocess for Finite Element/CFD simulations

The Materialise Mimics FEA module has explicitly been developed to enhance the performance of mesh generation. Some of the main features of this module include:

  • Multiple re-meshing tools
  • Conforming meshes between parts
  • Material assignment tools based on CT images
  • Mesh optimization using mesh quality analysis
  • Direct link from 3D model to FEA/CFD solvers

The main advantages that would be obtained using the FEA model are as the following:

  • Automatic generation of robust and uniform meshes
  • Easily create assemblies of multiple parts
  • Obtain realistic material properties of bone
  • Determination of mesh quality in preprocessing step
  • Dedicated solver based export file

Materialise’s medical division is dedicated to enabling researchers, engineers and clinicians to revolutionize patient-specific treatment that improves and saves lives. Our open and flexible platform, Materialise Mimics, forms the foundation of certified Medical 3D Printing and incorporates a comprehensive range of software solutions and 3D printing services.

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