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ESSS and Ansys formed a partnership in April 2021 to provide a discrete element modeling (DEM) simulation software, Ansys Rocky, for quickly analyzing and assessing particle movement.

Ansys Rocky is a powerful 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) Particle Simulation Software that quickly and accurately simulates the flow behavior of bulk materials with complex particle shapes and size distributions, for typical applications such as conveyor chutes, mills, mixers, and other materials handling equipment.

Several capabilities set Rocky DEM apart from other DEM codes, including its Multi-GPU solver, truly non-spherical particle shapes, the ability to simulate particle breakage and flexible fibers, coupling abilities with Ansys simulation software, and more.

Rocky is fully integrated with the Ansys Workbench suite of products, providing engineers with the ability to perform coupled analysis of particles simulation together with other physics such as structural and fluids. Such coupling can be performed using both 1-way and 2-way approaches, depending upon the nature of the problem to be solved.


When Rocky is coupled with Ansys Mechanical software, engineers can evaluate the tension stresses and forces generated by granular matter as it interacts with materials handling equipment, such as transfer chutes and conveyor belts. Rocky has a fast and accurate method of coupling the DEM and FEM simulations on non-coincidental meshes. The loads estimated by Rocky analyses are passed to Ansys to predict the structural response, or 1-way coupling.


The coupled DEM-CFD approach is a promising alternative for modeling granular-fluid systems, enlarging the range of coupled particle-fluid processes that can be managed with numerical simulations.

Rocky-Ansys Fluent coupling is a powerful tool for designing and troubleshooting particulate processes using simulation technology, enabling engineers to analyze a large range of processes in many different industries including oil and gas, agroindustry, pharmaceutics, mining, and many others.

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