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Kaizenat Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Kaizenat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (KTPL) was established in 2012 and initially provided support for LS-DYNA software throughout India. Today, KTPL sells most of the Ansys product portfolio and maintains headquarters in Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. We also have local support centers in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, and Delhi. With two decades of LS-DYNA experience, our team possesses extensive expertise in CAE software support across much of Southeast Asia.

Kaizenat's core focus is delivering value and trust to clients. The automation team customizes solutions for customer workflows, including mobile app development (e.g., Kaizen-DYNA app). We are dedicated to boosting customer ROI through our wide range of software solutions, technical expertise, and commitment to success.

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Kaizenat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the use of LS-DYNA applications within the automotive and aerospace domains. Our expertise in material characterization techniques helps many automotive OEMs and their suppliers develop high fidelity data for various LS-DYNA material models like GISSMO, e-GISSMO. As the subject matter expert in the sheet metal forming process, we also help customers incorporate manufacturing effects into their crash and safety simulations.

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