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Join us at INCOSE International Symposium in Dublin, Ireland

Meet up as our booth 14-16 and discover how enabling MBSE as part of the digital engineering journey leads to producing better products, faster.

July 02-06, 2024 | 07:00 –17:00

Enable Model-Based Systems Engineering as Part of the Digital Engineering Journey to Produce Better Products Faster

MBSE is for anyone who designs complex systems. MBSE aligns people, processes, and technology around a single vision of a product, allowing engineers to manage complexity, reduce cost and risk, and get to market faster.

Ansys SAM

Ansys showcases the latest web-based, real-time collaboration tools built on SysML v2 to build systems architecture models. These tools integrate across engineering workflows for requirements verification, safety analysis, trade studies, and embedded software design.


ModelCenter simplifies engineering workloads by automating repeatable tasks and connecting engineering tools and requirements. Organizations can now shift resources left, reducing developmental costs while accelerating the time-to-market.

MBSE for ModelCenter

Complex systems of the future will rely on developing model-based, safe, and secure software that can evolve with the system design. The industry imperative is to design, verify, and automatically generate certified code that allows compliance with safety standards. 

Scade One GIF

DME addresses how to design, test, and operate the engineered system through modeling the components and systems in a real-world context and environment. The design can be continuously verified against the mission performance in multiple environments and conditions. It provides confidence that errors can be eliminated and that the design will perform predictably and respond as expected under every imaginable circumstance.

Technical Presentations

Ansys’ Journey towards Digital Systems Engineering

Dr. Olaf Kath

Tue 02, Jul 11:00-11:20 IST

MBSE Methodology, Digital Engineering Ecosystem, and System Architecture Modeling using SysML v2

Pranjal Sharma, Bernard Dion

Virtual Only

Tue 02, Jul 21:00-21:40 IST

AI-Enhanced Autonomous Formation Flying – Definition of a Mission-driven and Safety-critical Software Development Environment

Bernard Dion, Alexandre Luc, Nicolas Dalmasso, Guilherme Goretkin, and Matthieu Paquet

Thu 04, Jul 14:15-14:55 IST

Building the Digital Bridge between MBSE and Engineering Simulation

Alexander Busch with Panel including:

Bernardo Delicado (INCOSE)
Tim Morris (NAFEMS)
Hans Peter DeKoning (SMSWG)

Fri 05, Jul 09:00-09:40 IST