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Ansys + Seagate Technology

Advancing Worldwide Data Storage

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Maximizing Data’s Potential

Coupling simulation software with data storage solutions, Seagate embraces Ansys’ tools in the development of its recording technology, Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR). This latest innovation enables higher-capacity hard drives by increasing the data bit density of each disk.

Through use of Ansys’ simulation, Seagate reduces the need for late-stage redesigns, making significant savings on time and cost. See how Seagate streamlines simulation workflows and accelerates system optimization.

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“Reaching capacity, performance, and environmental goals on schedule requires more simulation across all engineering disciplines. Ansys’ solutions deliver technical and business value, helping Seagate maximize data’s potential and carry greater confidence in our solutions.”

Chris Woldemar
Vice President of Engineering at Seagate

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The Future of Simulation-Based Product Innovation

From the earliest stages of design and analysis, simulation improves workflows and increases quality and accuracy. And today, more than ever, we see the almost limitless possibilities and benefits of simulation thanks to advances like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Throughout the development of Seagate’s latest recording technology, Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR), Seagate integrated Ansys Mechanical to assess thermal effects in thermo-mechanical design. Seagate has begun to use optiSlang to accelerate HAMR system optimization.

With Ansys’ universal platform of products, Seagate engineers can easily shift to other critical areas such as laser light path modelling with Ansys Lumerical. Discover how AI/ML-powered simulation is empowering engineers to achieve the highest possible accuracy in streamlined development workflows.