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Amber Kinetics Builds Long-Duration Energy Option

Floating Flywheel Powers Utilities

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Amber Kinetics Simulates Safety

Amber Kinetics manufactures long-duration kinetic energy storage systems (KESS) that are safe and sustainable. As the only provider of long-duration flywheel energy storage, Amber Kinetics extends the duration and efficiency of flywheels from minutes to hours. The company uses Ansys simulation to help ensure its massive steel flywheel rotor can safely expand and contract as it spins up and decelerates. Hear from Amber Kinetics on how their technology helps fight climate change.

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“Ansys simulations give us a lot of insight into potential issues in the design, and we can catch those things early on before we even have to cut any metal to do testing."

Kyle Gaiser,
Mechanical Engineer at Amber Kinetics

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