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April 3, 2020

Cloud Computing Solution for Remote Simulation

For 50 years, engineers around the world have relied on Ansys simulation technology to bring their designs and innovations to market. Throughout this trying time, Ansys will continue to offer its technologies to our customers.

To help flatten the COVID-19 infection curve, many simulation users are now working from home. And, while there are benefits to working remotely, access to mission-critical computing resources may not be among them. These resources can become severely strained as more and more remote users try to log on from home.

We understand this new user challenge and have created a special Ansys Cloud promotion in response. It is designed to both boost productivity and help reduce the strain on enterprise resources. This on-demand, cloud-based solution can be accessed directly, and isn’t dependent on VPN access.

Working from Home? On-Demand Cloud-based HPC Maintains Simulation Workflows

A lot of things are being disrupted right now, but simulation workflows shouldn’t be one of them.

With Ansys Cloud, simulation users can seamlessly integrate cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) assets without leaving the standard interfaces of Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent or Ansys Electronics Desktop.

Engineers can use cloud based HPC to solve simulations without leaving their Ansys desktop interface.

Instead of remotely sending simulations to a company HPC via VPN, engineers can use up to 448 cores to solve a simulation with the click of a button. The speeds of this system ensure that engineering projects stay on time.

Hopefully, this can add a little certainty to an uncertain time.

To learn more about Ansys Cloud, watch the Ansys Cloud webinar series.

— Stay safe,

Navin Budhiraja,

Vice president and general manager of Cloud and Platform at Ansys

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