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July 22, 2021

Ansys 2021 R2 Provides Risk-Free Engineering Exploration

You are creating next-generation products every day through some truly amazing feats of engineering, yet so far no one has found a way to create more time in a day. With tighter deadlines for increasingly complex products and systems, taking time to explore implausible ideas has become a luxury for some engineers. However, from life-saving medical devices to carbon-neutrality to 5G communications, those big ideas are how society makes its greatest leaps of innovation. Simulation supports that exploration of innovation by delivering the insight you needed quickly, so you can find that breakthrough design early in the product development process.

The just-released Ansys 2021 R2 provides you with even more power to explore via streamlined workflows and comprehensive system solutions, so you have confidence that products will meet requirements and enhance customer experiences. New capabilities across the Ansys software portfolio help you capitalize on computing power to optimize complex products, assemblies and systems; collaborate across multiple engineering tools; and increase data visibility and reuse in areas like materials intelligence, digital twins, electronic components and compliance.

Bondwire simulation using Phi Plus Mesher in Ansys HFSS

Bondwire simulation using Phi Plus Mesher in Ansys HFSS


Enhanced Cloud Capabilities

Ansys Cloud provides access to on-demand, cloud-based computing resources, including high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. In Ansys 2021 R2, a larger portfolio of Ansys products are available from the desktop application for HPC batch solves, or in browser interactive sessions.

There are many examples where you can now take advantage of these new capabilities. One example , is Ansys LS-DYNA explicit simulation software, which is now Ansys Cloud enabled. Another example is scanning and rotating lidar sensor simulations, which are now compatible with Ansys Speos HPC and Ansys Cloud. Ansys Lumerical photonic simulation products are also now available on Ansys Cloud Direct. Other applications have been made to run more economically on the cloud. Ansys RedHawk-SC on the Cloud, for instance, now delivers at least 4X better cost and core-hour efficiency. Ansys HFSS Phi Plus meshing technology introduces breakthroughs in speed and capacity for 3D integrated circuit (IC) package challenges, both stacked die 3DICs and those with wire bonds, and is HPC enabled.

Additionally, new cloud capabilities, such as access to usage analytics, a new sign-in experience with multi-factor authentication for improved security, and better management of files stored on the cloud are now available.

A drum compressor being analyzed with Ansys Mechanical's multistage analysis feature

A drum compressor being analyzed with Ansys Mechanical's multistage analysis feature to reduce solving time compared against a full 360 degree solve.


Simulation is Open for Business

In addition to tapping into virtually unlimited computing power via the cloud, streamlined processes in Ansys 2021 R2 help you accelerate complex system engineering by promoting open collaboration among applications for various engineering disciplines.

For example, the new release updates workflows that accelerate the development of innovative high tech products, including chip-package-system (CPS) modeling, antenna modeling for complex base stations and embedded radiating systems in mobile equipment, as well as integrated photonics for high-speed data links along with a maturing electronics reliability workflow. More products are integrated through Ansys Workbench, including LS-DYNA, Ansys Discovery 3D design simulation software and Ansys Sherlock electronics reliability software. Improvements in the flow of data between applications as well as new developer capabilities to improve automation deliver increases in usability and productivity. For example, Ansys Mechanical users can now embed Python programming language scripts directly into their models to automate the flow using industry standard open-source coding.

Visualize Success with Simulation

Data visibility and reuse via dashboards and dedicated libraries further increase your efficiency using Ansys 2021 R2. Libraries for common digital twin components, electronic components and materials enable engineers to quickly access trusted data. For example, materials management updates enable customers using restricted substances to access the latest Supplier Data Sheets (SDSs), ensuring products are compliant with global regulations. Encrypted components enable users to easily integrate detailed models of commercially available components into their simulations to assure the parts they purchase work optimally with their design.

Ansys 2021 R2 gives you the power to explore virtually risk free because simulation allows new ideas to be tested digitally, releasing you from the expensive prototype-test-redesign cycle. With Ansys 2021 R2, you get to see into the future to better understand how a product or system of products will perform, gather data to collaborate with colleagues and partners, and ultimately do more in less time.

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