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The Ansys Workbench platform is the backbone for delivering a comprehensive and integrated simulation system to our customers. Using Ansys Workbench for your product development simulations will result in higher productivity through integrated applications that leverage common and compatible data models for a reduced and efficient simulation work flow. Ansys Workbench gives you access to multiphysics in a single environment to produce systems-level insights that could not be attained before. IT organizations benefit due to greater reliability, lower support costs and lower total cost of ownership because our platform addresses the hardware, software and data compatibility problems encountered when using many stand-alone applications.

If you currently have a subscription, please register for any course through the Ansys Learning Hub only.

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Registering for an individual course

Although you can attend any classroom or virtual course as a single-class registration, we believe that continuous learning is required as the software continues to evolve. That is why we have developed the Ansys Learning Hub and for little more than the cost of a 3-day course, you could register for an Ansys Learning Hub subscription which will give you access within the Ansys Learning Hub to all courses, including Self-paced learning for 1 year. 

If you would like to discuss an Ansys Learning Hub subscription further or attend a hub demonstration, please email


A comprehensive introduction to the Ansys product and how to effectively use it for a user's software simulation needs.


Expand your knowledge and competence of the Ansys product.