Turbulence Modeling for Engineering Flows

Turbulence is one of the most challenging areas in fluid dynamics and accurate fluid dynamics simulation of engineering flows requires precise and robust turbulence models. Choosing the right turbulence model to match the application is critical to accuracy and optimizing computational resources. Furthermore, as CFD applications become more complex, more advanced turbulence models are needed. The different models and submodels have to work properly in combination such as turbulence and transition. For these reasons, it is necessary to provide a limited number of preselected models that are: Well understood and tested, Correctly implemented and documented, Accurate for certain classes of flows, Robust even for nonoptimal grids, Interoperable with other models and submodels, Supported by test cases. This comprehensive technical paper by Florian R. Menter ― a widely recognized leader in the advancement of engineering turbulence models ― focuses on the industrial formulation and application of turbulence models. It outlines the current status of models used in industrial codes as well as methods with potential for the next generation of industrial applications.


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