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Ansys 2022 R1: What’s New in Ansys Motor-CAD

Ansys Motor-CAD brings powerful new enhancements in Ansys 2022 R1 for design optimization and multiphysics analysis for electric motors.


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About this Webinar

We'll showcase the latest release of Ansys Motor-CAD for Ansys 2022 R1, delivering a detailed look at new capabilities for multiphysics electric motor design. We will spotlight Motor-CAD's powerful new features for design optimization and multiphysics analysis for electric motors.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • How a new integration between Motor-CAD and Ansys optiSLang enables engineers to set up complex multiphysics optimization problems using a requirements interface 
  • How to perform noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis in Motor-CAD
  • Generating Campbell diagrams, spectrograms, and spatiograms quickly and easily from the early design stages
  • How to export the models from Motor-CAD into Ansys Discovery to create seamless, integrated engineering workflows
  • How to use in-built python scripting in Motor-CAD and use this within a transient thermal calculation
  • How to calibrate the induction machine equivalent circuit parameters from test data


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James Goss is the CEO at Motor Design Ltd and received a Mechanical Engineering degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick in 2009. In 2014, he received an Engineering Doctorate from the University of Bristol for the design of brushless permanent magnet machines for automotive traction. In his role at Motor Design Ltd,  James focuses on developing design and simulation technology for electric machines, collaborating with large industrial partners in the automotive and aerospace sectors.