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Ansys 2022 R1: Ansys Discovery Update

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About this Webinar

In this webinar, you'll learn how the latest version of Ansys Fluent helps CFD Engineers to:

  • Speed up simulations: brand-new Multi-GPU Fluent solver accelerates steady-state simulations, with results showing four high-end GPUs provide the same performance as more than 1,000 CPUs.
  • Simulate complex hypersonic flows:  significant improvements in the high-speed numerics and advanced physical models to extend the use of Navier-Stokes equations in the transition region.
  • Enhance productivity: aerospace-dedicated workspace in Ansys Fluent streamlines external aerodynamics simulations with built-in best practices, optimized solver settings, parametric capabilities.
  • Transition to green energy: enriched battery module, fuel cell simulation, electric motor, and Hydrogen combustion.
  • Reduce noise: new sponge layer treatment efficiently runs acoustics simulations in Ansys Fluent.