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Ansys + Halodi Robotics

Engineering Helpful Humanoid Robots

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At Your Service

Halodi Robotics is bringing robots out of factories and into everyday environments. Using Ansys simulation software through the Ansys Startup Program, Halodi Robotics has developed EVE, the world’s first robot to operate with enough power to lift heavy objects while also being gentle enough to hand a laptop to a human colleague. Chief Operating Officer, Stein Erik Maurice, offers insights into the intersection of human and robotic worlds.

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Humanoid Robots

Engineering a ‘Soft Collision’ Between Humans and Humanoid Robots

Out of the lab. Beyond the factory floor. Halodi Robots are ready to work in human spaces. With human strength. At your service.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software for Structural Engineering

Ansys Mechanical is a best-in-class finite element solver with structural, thermal, acoustics, transient and nonlinear capabilities to improve modeling. 

Electric Machine Design Software

Electric Machine Design Software

Ansys Motor-CAD is a dedicated electric machine design tool for fast multiphysics simulation across the full torque-speed operating range.