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November 2, 2022

Ansys Makes Mental Health and Well-being a Global Priority

Did you know that October 10 was World Mental Health Day? This day was chosen by the World Health Organization (WHO) to rekindle efforts to protect and improve mental health around the world. It’s also part of a larger focus during the month of October, also known as Mental Health Month.

What does this commitment look like? WHO describes it as being a multipronged approach to mental health that begins with us as individuals. Prioritizing mental health at this level reverberates through communities and governments around the globe through collective intention, engagement, and investment to strengthen mental health care.

Over the years, our employees have come together in response to various events, including the pandemic, to form an Ansys Global Well-being community within our intranet ecosystem. The site provides employees with resources to make connections, form and find clubs, learn about upcoming events, and get support from our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

Ansys group talking

From top left clockwise: Gill Peter meets with Ansys colleagues Sarah Searby, Alex Moon, and Fen Odutolu in the Sheffield, UK, office to discuss employee mental health and well-being initiatives.

“Ansys and our employees have long recognized the importance of well-being and a holistic approach to health through employee-led cycling groups, running clubs, and yoga classes,” says Michelle Gardner, Director of Global Benefits and Employee Programs. “In January 2020, we partnered with Wellness Coach to expand our commitment to well-being by creating a formal program and extending access globally. Next year, we will continue our commitment to the well-being of our employees and their families by adding four free personal coaching sessions through the Wellness Coach App starting in January 2023.”

Mental Wellness Opportunities Within the Ansys Employee Ecosystem

We understand the importance of providing a full spectrum of mental health needs through our own network of accessible, affordable, and quality services and support here at Ansys. We’re also aware how difficult it can be to overcome the discrimination and stigma associated with mental illness, and we’re here for our employees, regardless of their health challenges.

Everyone should be invested in their own mental health. As we motor through work and home life, identifying when and how to find time to decompress during the work week is important. Here are some benefits and other tools we offer in support of our own employees.

Wellness Coach App

It can be hard to budget the time (and expense) of hiring a life coach. Ansys has partnered with the Wellness Coach to offer live fitness and yoga classes, as well as meditation, music, and sleep for everyone, including specific programs for children.

Julieta wellness

Julieta De La Pena participated in several fitness challenges through the Wellness Coach App during the pandemic in Madrid, Spain.

"I really appreciate that Ansys allows us to use this app for free and recommend to everyone to put aside at least a few minutes each day for some stretching, yoga, or meditation,” says Kristina Riedel, Lead Sales and Order Operations Specialist at Ansys. “After just a few weeks, I am already beginning to feel a difference: I start my workday more relaxed and my neck, shoulders, and back feel a lot less tense than before.”  

There were many opportunities in the app to consider in October.

  • Ansys kicked off October with a fundraising event and step challenge — the Walk for Mental Health — in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Ansys employees successfully completed more than 2,500,000 steps in a week.
  • Beginning October 10, in honor of World Mental Health Day, all employees were given the option to sign up for a free personal coaching session with a coach who fits their wellness goals.  

Employee Resource Groups

Ansys employee resource groups (ERGs) promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging through self-organized, fully inclusive networks. These groups form around common backgrounds, origins, and interests, each with their own unique perspectives impacting product development, marketing, customer outcomes, and more, often through shared experiences.

For World Mental Health Month, our ERGs hosted a live panel discussion on October 25, titled “Mental Health Matters,” around mental health in the workplace. The panel featured insights from mental health professionals specializing in training, stress reduction, social work, counseling, leadership coaching, and more.

Mental health panel

Panelists Sarah Greenberg, Colonel Thomas Stokes, Roxanne Wray, and Dr. Jill Schoeneman-Parker, along with Ansys moderator Alex Moon discuss mental health in the workplace in a Q&A with Ansys colleagues.

Supportive Time Off Policies

Sometimes caring for a sick child or supporting a family member in the hospital can be challenging for employees. Ansys’ time off programs support employees who need to take time off related to an unexpected illness of an employee and other situations, such as the care of a sick family member. We understand that our mental health can directly impact our physical health, morale, and creativity, therefore, we also encourage employees to take time off to focus and improve their mental well-being.


Elisabeth Weber and Amazir Moknache used their volunteer time-off day to participate in the Special Olympics race in France.

As part of our time-off policies, Ansys also provides each employee with one volunteer time-off (VTO) day per year to volunteer their time to support a qualified charitable organization.

Want to hear more about our #LifeAtAnsys? Visit our Careers site to learn more.

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