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Ansys 2023 R1/R2: Explicit Meshing Updates (Drop Test)

We will go through the new updates done in Explicit Meshing Physics Preference in Ansys Workbench meshing 2023R1 and how it can reduce the user’s efforts of the meshing for explicit simulations.


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About This Webinar

Meshing for the Explicit application is a very tough job in terms of meeting the required quality matrices. With Ansys Workbench Meshing you can easily meet the required quality metric with minimal effort.

What You Will Learn

  • New Updates in Explicit Meshing Physics Preference
  • Hex meshing in Ansys Meshing
  • Enhancements for meeting the Aspect Ratio and Characteristic length.
  • Feature Suppress and Feature Detection
  • Quality Worksheet

Who Should Attend

All engineers and engineer managers who are looking for meshing solutions for their explicit simulations.

Explicit Meshing Updates