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Ansys Meshing
Influencing Accurate Results

Mesh influences the accuracy, convergence and speed of a simulation. Ansys provides tools to produce the most appropriate mesh for accurate, efficient solutions.

Speed Your Simulation

Efficient Solutions Come from Accurate Meshing

Ansys provides general purpose, high-performance, automated, intelligent meshing software that produces the most appropriate mesh for accurate, efficient multiphysics solutions — from easy, automatic meshing to highly crafted mesh. Smart defaults are built into the software to make meshing a painless and intuitive task, delivering the required resolution to capture solution gradients properly for dependable results.

  • Parallel Processing
    Parallel Processing
  • Automation and Scripting
    Automation and Scripting
  • Adaption and Refinement
    Adaption and Refinement
  • Structured and Unstructured
    Structured and Unstructured
meshing efficient solutions

Quick Specs

Ansys meshing solutions range from easy, automated meshing to highly crafted meshing. Methods available cover the meshing spectrum of high-order to linear elements and fast tetrahedral and polyhedral to high-quality hexahedral and mosaic.

  • Mesh Morphing
  • Automated Size Controls
  • CAD Interoperability
  • Periodic Boundaries
  • Efficient Parallel Processing
  • 2D and 3D
  • Batch Running
  • Patch Confirming and Independent
  • Physics-aware Meshing
  • Shell and Beam
  • Polyhedral Meshing
  • Mesh-based Featuring

January 2023

What's New

Ansys understands how critical meshing is to solution accuracy for all simulation types. This release includes significant enhancements for Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent, our PyAnsys technology, and more.

py ansys black

PyPrimeMesh lets you use Ansys core meshing technology embedded across Ansys flagship tools directly from within your python environment

mechanical meshing
Feature Suppression

General tet meshing improvements in Mechanical enable the removal of embossed and indented features, like logos, which can cause quality and robustness issues

ansys meshing drop test
Drop Test Meshing

Full support for quadratic elements, used for problems with thin structures where one single element can resolve thickness, for Mechanical drop test meshing

fluent multizone meshing
Multizone Meshing

Efficiently generate structured meshes using the new multizone feature in Fluent's watertight geometry workflow, and Multizone operations include swept meshes, separating zones and splitting cylinders

cfx 2023
Native Hybrid Meshing

Ansys TurboGrid's automated hybrid meshing technology supports high-fidelity CAD representation blends and the ability to add partial tip geometry at the hub and/or shroud

Energizing Generator Designs

Delivering a fast, trusted workflow, Ansys simulations significantly reduce research and development time while optimizing energy output

INDAR engineers can meet performance targets in less time so they can explore a larger number of options to further improve the generator.

Generators serve as the heart of hydroelectric power plants and must be accurately designed to optimize energy output and prevent excessive temperatures that cause energy losses and shorten the machine’s life. Leveraging Ansys simulation and an improved workflow, INDAR engineers improve generator design accuracy and accelerate all stages of their simulation. Many of INDAR’s hydropower generators are nonstandard designs that must be customized according to each customer’s requirements. This level of customization requires flexible, comprehensive and accurate engineering simulation. 

The team’s recent adoption of Ansys Mosaic technology to enhance the Fluent meshing workflow has greatly accelerated all stages of the team’s simulation work. Automation has cut hands-on development time because preprocessing time has been reduced from six to eight days to four hours and solving time has been slashed by 30%. This greatly speeds up production as each design variation requires only one day to be analyzed instead of more than a week. 

Robust meshing for all physics simulations

Ansys meshing capabilities help reduce the amount of time and effort spent to get to accurate results. Since meshing typically consumes a significant portion of the time it takes to get simulation results, Ansys helps by making better and more automated meshing tools.

Whether performing a structural, fluid or electromagnetic simulation, we can provide you with the most appropriate mesh for accurate and efficient solutions. We offer easy-to-use, automated meshing tools, including tools that enable you to hand craft your own mesh. Smart defaults are built into all tools to make meshing a painless and intuitive task and deliver the resolution required for your problem.

Meshing Capabilities


Key Features

Ansys workflows simplify the meshing of complex models with easy-to-use, automated tools for a variety of applications, including:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Analysis

We offer a range of easy-to-use, physics-aware automated tools that meet the needs of many users, plus add-in tools for advanced users to create high-fidelity structured meshes, when needed.

These workflows remove the need for deep expertise in the meshing process but are highly customizable for advanced users.

These workflows remove the need for deep expertise in the meshing process but are highly customizable for advanced users.

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