The most powerful simulation solution for metal additive manufacturing

Ansys Additive Suite delivers the critical insights required by designers, engineers and analysts to avoid build failure and create parts that accurately conform to design specifications. This comprehensive solution spans the entire workflow — from design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) through validation, print design, process simulation and exploration of materials.

Additive Suite includes:

  • Additive Prep
  • Additive Print Additive Science
  • Workbench Additive

Additive Suite is available as an add-on to the Ansys Mechanical Enterprise license.

As with most features within Ansys Workbench, parametric analysis systems can be created so you can study the optimization of parameters such as part position and orientation. The latest enhancements are listed below.

  • Workbench Additive (WA)
    • Automated calibration setup in Additive Wizard.
    • Support – Part Connectivity improved in WA using AM Bond. This makes setup for AM models faster and easier.
    • Defaults for layered tetrahedron mesh. This mesh matches part geometry while keeping a layered mesh for AM analyses.
    • Recoater interference and layer end temperature detection.

  • Additive Print
    • Re-tuning of all materials.
    • Full release of 316L material for thermal and microstructure.
    • User Guide updates.
    • Build File Support added for Trumpf, Sisma and HB3D Build Files.

  • Additive Science
    • Full release of 2D Microstructure solver with 3 materials (IN718, SS 316L, AlSi10Mg).
    • Re-melting phenomena accurately predicted with new sensor location.

  • Additive Prep
    • Stair step analysis in part orientation optimization.
    • Write EOS and Renishaw Build Files.
    • Directly edit machine settings in the panel.
    • Significant speed improvement of orientation maps.