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Process Simulation of the Consolidation of an Additive Manufactured Helicopter Door Hinge

This webinar will demonstrate a novel method for simulating the consolidation process of a complex-shaped composite part using 9T Labs and Ansys.


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About this Webinar

9T Labs (Zürich, Switzerland) developed a 3-step manufacturing workflow called Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) to produce composite parts using a cost-competitive and automated process.

This workflow begins with designing and analyzing a part using 9T Labs’ Fibrify design software. Continuous fiber-reinforced preforms are created by the deposition of a unidirectional tape filament in 9T Labs’ Build Module. These preforms are placed in 9T Labs’ Fusion Module and compression molded. This final consolidation step merges the preforms, eliminates voids, and outputs lightweight, high-strength net-shape parts.

This webinar demonstrates a novel method for simulating a complex-shaped composite part’s fusion (consolidation) process to investigate the dependence of thefinal mechanical properties and residual stresses on the process conditions. This improves the process understanding and helps to reduce the development time of complex composite parts.

The method is a sequential thermo-mechanical coupled, transient implicit analysis in Ansys Mechanical based on user material subroutines. The phase transition behavior of the polymer from solid to molten and back to solid was modeled. Temperature, fiber volume content, porosity, and crystallization all influence the engineering properties of composite materials. The validation of the model for process-induced deformations and porosity in an aerospace part, namely, the helicopter hinge and a bracket to assemble the helicopter door, is the focus of this study.The figure below depicts the composite parts under consideration and the manufacturing workflow.


Fabio Pavia, Michael Ackermann, and Christian Brauner

Michael Akermann