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Mitigating Power Electronics Reliability Challenges in EVs

Learn about the vital reliability challenges facing engineers working on power electronics within EVs and the physical testing and simulation solutions.


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About this Webinar

Electric vehicles (EV) create new demands for power electronics with wide band gap semiconductors and emerging 800 V platforms, promising more efficient powertrains with increased range, faster charging, and lower weight.

To realize the benefits of wide band gap semiconductors, electronic packaging materials such as die attach, wire bonds and substrate materials must evolve to support higher temperatures, as do new cooling designs and strategies.  

What you will learn

In this webinar, key reliability challenges with power electronics using silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) will be discussed, including:

  • Die-level thermo-mechanical stress due to stiffer die attach
  • Wire bond fatigue and package-level failures
  • Thermal runway and performance degradations

We'll review virtual reliability assessment solutions, material characterization, and failure analysis techniques to validate power electronic design.

Who Should Attend

PCB Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Thermal Engineers, PCB Reliability Engineers


  • Ashok Alagappan 
  • Masoud Angas