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Ansys 2022 R2: Higher Fidelity Aircraft Mission Simulations  

Join Henry Vu, Lead Application Engineer, Tom Neely, Senior Principal R&D Engineer, and Teresa Brooks-Mejia, Principal R&D Engineer for a discussion on higher-fidelity aircraft mission simulations with STK Aviator and Fluent Aero.

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About this Webinar

Recent advancements in STK Aviator and Fluent allow for highly accurate aerodynamic data, generated from CFD, to be used in mission-level simulations of aircraft. In this webinar, we discuss how these two solutions may be coupled to deliver improved predictions of fuel consumption, flight trajectory, and other mission outcomes.

Join us on September 28th and see how Ansys can help you with mission-level simulation of aircraft. 

What you will learn

  • How STK Aviator and Fluent can be coupled to produce more accurate aircraft missions
  • Generate parametric CFD data for external aerodynamics easily with the new Fluent Aero workflow
  • Use Aviator to efficiently sample flight conditions for CFD to maximize accuracy while minimizing computational cost


  • Henry Vu, Lead Application Engineer 
  • Tom Neely, Senior Principal R&D Engineer
  • Teresa Brooks-Mejia, Principal R&D Engineer 


Aircraft Mission Simulation