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Automotive Power Battery Production and Manufacturing Process Simulation

Engineers use Ansys simulation to gain valuable insights, optimize battery designs, and identify suitable equipment and workflows for scalability, quality, and sustainability. Learn about Ansys software solutions for battery manufacturing and production processes in this webinar.

June 26, 2024


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For battery companies, the battery manufacturing process is a crucial link. It directly determines the yield of the final battery product, and many factors, such as material usage and production scale, can also affect the company‘s profits. 

Ansys battery manufacturing solutions provide end-to-end simulation capabilities to optimize the production process, improving battery cell quality and operating conditions through an optimization platform. They also perform predictive maintenance in a digital twin context.

What you will learn

In this webinar, attendees will learn the benefits of using Ansys battery manufacturing solutions through corresponding best practice cases, especially electrode production, including:

  • Mixing and feeding process
  • Electrode coating and drying process
  • Calendaring process 

Who should attend

Battery cell manufacturers, battery designers, thermal engineers, FEA analysts and their managers, automotive suppliers, and battery assembly process engineer


Akira Fujii