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Adaptive Geometry Templates in Ansys Motor-CAD

The Ansys Motor-CAD geometry templates are a powerful tool for early concept design, providing easy-to-use and robust parameterizations to accelerate exploration of the electric machine design space. The new Adaptive Geometry Templates are the next evolution of this feature. Through the combination of a new user interface and new Python commands, these tools enable easy and extensive customization of the electric machine geometry. By adapting the template itself, the freedom to alter the design combines with the intrinsic benefits, features, and analysis of the base Motor-CAD geometry templates. These templates allow advanced multiphysics and geometry feature creation earlier in the electric machine design workflow.

February 22, 2024


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What You Will Learn

  • Capabilities of the new Motor-CAD Adaptive Template feature
  • Applied examples to a traction Brushless Permanent Magnet (BPM) motor
  • How PyMotorCAD and GitHub are core components of this feature

Who should attend?

Motor Design Engineers, Electromagnetic Engineers, Electric Machine
Designers, CAE Managers, Simulation Engineers, Applications
Engineers, Mechanical and Thermal Engineers


Jonathan Godbehere