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SMART Fracture

SMART simulation is the latest in a long line of Ansys innovations designed to solve the critical issue of crack initiation, growth and fracture in product design.

Fracture testing components and structures is key to understanding their safety, reliability and longevity. In the past, engineers had to rely on prototyping and testing to perform fracture analysis. Ansys provides high-quality simulation software that allow engineers to predict toughness faster than ever before.

With the Unstructured Mesh Method (UMM) in Ansys Mechanical, engineers can reduce preprocessing time by employing UMM’s automatically generated all-tetrahedral (tet) mesh for crack fronts, while achieving the same high-fidelity results as a simulation run with the ideal hex mesh configuration. Meshing time has been reduced from up to several days to a few minutes.


Here we simulate a surface crack inside a pump housing. The pump housing is subject to a load of 4,000 psi at the top surface and it is fixed at the bottom surface.


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