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Leveraging Simulation to Realize a Highly Efficient Powertrain

The ABB FIA Formula E mandates a limit on total energy consumption for each team. Therefore, the efficiency of the powertrain is critical to success. High-fidelity simulation helps predict component performance and improves understanding of the interaction among components in a drive train. Success is therefore contingent on leveraging a simulation environment that enables component performance analysis and provides insight into the mechanisms that impact efficiency.

This webinar spotlights key aspects of electrical powertrain simulation. A detailed modeling of the electric machine will be described, emphasizing the impact of switched inverter voltages. We will also explore how the system simulation can subsequently be used to estimate the energy consumption of the inverter and electrical machine over the full length of a race, including consideration of dynamically changing operating points.

Application Field: Electrification

Speaker: Leonard Mengoni, Development high voltage power units, Porsche Motorsport


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