Customers look to design space exploration and optimization to slash development time and speed the evaluation of optimal product design alternatives for cost and performance. ANSYS optiSLang provides you with an open and vendor-neutral framework to automate simulation and optimization activities. This delivers access to leading-edge algorithms for optimization, uncertainty quantification, robustness evaluation, scenario variation, sensitivity analysis, simulation workflow building and data mining.

The integration of optiSLang with ANSYS Minerva enables you to capitalize on the benefits of enterprise simulation management. Additionally, it helps you automate simulation and optimization activities across solution areas including autonomous systems, electrification, digital twins and simulation-driven data science.


Related Products

SoS® supports you in variation analyses by extending the capabilities of optiSLang to the analysis of field data, e.g. to spatial data on FEM meshes (3D), on characteristic maps (2D) or signals (1D).

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The GUI-based Ansys Extraction Tool Kit reduces the time and effort needed to set up a CAE process chain. It minimizes the intensive programming usually required with automated, batch-process extractions. With the tool kit, results can be easily extracted and used for processing in Ansys optiSLang.

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  • Process Automation

    ANSYS optiSLang works with most software tools used in virtual product development to capture your complete CAE workflows.

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  • Design and Data Exploration

    Understand your design or your product data using fully interactive post-processing and visualization tools backed by powerful design of experiments (DOE) and statistical analysis algorithms.

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  • Reduced-Order Modeling

    ANSYS optiSLang builds metamodels based on simulation results. You can use These metamodels for optimization or export them for use as a ROM in a system simulation.

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  • Automatic Design Optimization

    OptiSLang uses Industry-leading algorithms to drive solvers and optimize designs automatically.

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  • Robust Design and Reliability

    Evaluate the reliability of a design and perform robust design optimization (RDO) with easy-to-use wizards.

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  • Easy Access from ANSYS Workbench

    ANSYS optiSLang, and its user-friendly wizards backed by powerful algorithms, can be accessed and used inside the ANSYS Workbench platform.

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