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In the field of engineering analysis software, Ansys quality assurance program has become a benchmark for measuring other companies in the same industry. Companies rely on high-quality simulation results to save development time and money, and make the design process more efficient. Ansys can provide customers with trustworthy, high-reliability and high-quality products to help customers analyze designs in a shorter time and ensure accurate results. Ansys design analysis software is the first product developed under the internationally recognized quality standard ISO 9001 certified quality system. At the same time, during its nearly 40 years of development, product development, testing, maintenance and support processes have always met the quality requirements of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Before each new product is released, Ansys employees perform more than 60,000 software verification tests. We provide customers with three levels of support to help them perform their own strict on-site testing of Ansys procedures. Ansys partners provide a wealth of products, resources, training and support to help our customers gain the competitive advantage of simulation-driven product development. Our partners have played a key role in improving current solutions and ensuring that the product's market promises are fulfilled. The Ansys partner program aims to provide many unique market and technical advantages, promote and support ecosystem members to improve work efficiency, accelerate market entry, and ensure a high-quality customer experience.

Ansys finite element software package is a multi-purpose finite element method computer design program that can be used to solve problems of structure, fluid, electric power, electromagnetic field and collision. Therefore, it can be used in the following industrial fields: aerospace, automotive industry, biomedicine, bridges, construction, electronic products, heavy machinery, micro-electromechanical systems, sports equipment, etc. The software mainly includes three parts: pre-processing module, analysis and calculation module and post-processing module. The pre-processing module provides a powerful solid modeling and meshing tool, users can easily construct a finite element model; the
analysis calculation module includes structural analysis (linear analysis, nonlinear analysis and highly nonlinear analysis can be performed), fluid dynamics Scientific analysis, electromagnetic field analysis, acoustic field analysis, piezoelectric analysis and multi-physical coupling analysis, which can simulate the interaction of multiple physical media, with sensitivity analysis and optimization analysis capabilities;
The post-processing module can display the calculation results in graphical ways such as color contour display, gradient display, vector display, particle flow display, three-dimensional slice display, transparent and semi-transparent display (you can see the structure inside), or display The calculation results are displayed or output in the form of graphs and curves.
The software provides more than 100 unit types to simulate various structures and materials in engineering. There are many different versions of the software, which can run on a variety of computer devices from personal computers to mainframes, such as PC, SGI, HP, SUN, DEC, IBM, CRAY, etc.