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Itechunion Technology Co.,Ltd


Itechunion (full name: Beijing Itechunion Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech integrated service provider dedicated to assisting manufacturing R&D and technology upgrading. Aimed at helping Chinese manufacturing R&D companies to deepen CAE engineering simulation applications, achieve corporate strategic transformation and technological innovation and upgrade, the company's core business is to assist manufacturing companies in R&D technology innovation through numerical simulation computing technology services and become a trusted long-term partner of R&D companies.

Through the simulation consulting service of one or a kind of engineering problem and the specialized customized development service of simulation software application, we can help customers complete the solutions of "simulation method standardization" and "simulation process standardization". And then through business coverage and deepening the construction of enterprise simulation information platform, so that your enterprise has enduring engine-simulation-driven research and development.

With years of service capabilities and experience accumulated in the field of engineering simulation, the core team of Itechunion has integrated the industry's superior engineering simulation product resources, technical consulting expert resources, and comprehensive information service resources; focusing on the common development strategy of partners and a comprehensive customer service system, we continue to introduce the most advanced international research and development technologies and tools to serve Chinese enterprises. Based on industrial automation solutions, we provide professional services involving fluids, structures, electromagnetics, acoustics, optics, and more. CAE solutions for multiple disciplines such as physics, serving many fields such as aviation, aerospace, national defense, weapons, ships, machinery, electronics, automobiles, railways, petrochemicals, metallurgy, civil engineering, mining, life sciences, and many other fields.

The application of CAE software requires both rich engineering experience and advanced CAE software application technology. Itechunion brings together superior expert resources in the industry, and provides basic training, special training ,and customized training of CAE software for customers, aiming to promote the development of various advanced engineering innovation technologies and services in China.

In view of the technology and problems concerned by customers, provide targeted thematic training for customers to help them systematically understand the relevant concepts and principles and master engineering-oriented software applications.