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Taiwan Auto-Design Co. (CADMEN) (Elite Channel Partner)


Established in 1980, TADC has continuously introduced world class software, developing its own core know-how for various industries, and an established team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Our service includes Structural, Multi-body motion, Thermal, CFD, Moldflow, Thermoelectric, Acoustic, Vibration, High-Low Frequency Electromagnetic, and System Simulation, etc., as well as providing support, training, customization and consultancy services. For more than 30 years, we have serviced more than 1,000 customers, traditional factories, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises provide integrated multi-physical coupling solutions. TADC has been a channel partner with Ansys for nearly 30 years. With fruitful business results in Taiwan, TADC have been approved as Ansys elite partner. In addition to providing complete Ansys solutions, it also provides guiding project services to help customers quickly understand the value of using software. Not only Ansys, we also offer many expert application software, from micro applications, plasma analysis of complex reactions, to system-level flow field analysis, providing quality in Greater China, Southeast Asia, or internationally. service.

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