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DATE: 6/24/2024


Ansys Joins Intel Foundry’s United States Military, Aerospace, and Government (USMAG) Alliance

Ansys is developing thermal management technology for the Intel 18A silicon process to enable HPC, graphics, and AI products supporting U.S. national security applications 

Key Highlights

  • Ansys joins the Intel Foundry Accelerator United States Military, Aerospace, and Government (USMAG) Alliance to deliver secure design methodologies and flows for U.S. security applications
  • Ansys deepens its technical collaboration with Intel Foundry – enhancing Ansys Redhawk-SC™ to deliver a comprehensive thermal management flow for the Intel 18A advanced process technology to enable reliable, high-performance chip design  

PITTSBURGH, PA, June 24, 2024 – Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) today announced it is joining the Intel Foundry Accelerator USMAG Alliance to support the design of secure and efficient chips for national security and government applications. Through this alliance, Ansys’ semiconductor simulation tools will be optimized to deliver secure design methodologies and workflows to meet the requirements of Intel Foundry’s process design kits (PDKs) — essential to fully achieve the requirements of military, aerospace, and government applications. 

Ansys is deepening its technical collaboration with Intel Foundry by developing an enhanced thermal management flow with the RedHawk-SC platform, supporting the Intel 18A silicon manufacturing process. Intel 18A features revolutionary backside power delivery technology, PowerVia, that comes with new challenges for effectively cooling circuits, especially for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and graphics processor chips. Ansys’ mature and well-proven thermal solver technology provides predictive accuracy and the capacity for full-system analysis, resulting in better performance and greater design flexibility.

Unveiling precision using power integrity analysis data from Ansys RedHawk-SC

Unveiling precision using power integrity analysis data from Ansys RedHawk-SC

In addition, Intel Foundry and Ansys are collaborating to deliver signoff verification of thermal and power integrity and mechanical reliability of Intel’s embedded multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB) assembly technology. These capabilities span use-cases ranging from advanced silicon process nodes to various heterogenous packaging platforms.

“Ansys has worked with Intel Foundry to address complex multiphysics challenges and meet stringent thermal, power, mechanical, and reliability requirements,” said John Lee, vice president and general manager of the electronics, semiconductor, and optics business unit at Ansys. “Ansys’ deep background in physics simulation addresses the very advanced requirements of military and aerospace products. Thanks to the collaboration between our companies, we can deliver greater value to our mutual customers.” 

“Intel Foundry welcomes Ansys as a valuable addition to our USMAG Alliance,” said Suk Lee, vice president & general manager, ecosystem technology office, Intel Foundry. “With Ansys, we now have an ecosystem of partners that can provide robust design and simulation capabilities to the MAG community for securely developing semiconductor solutions with Intel’s leading-edge process capabilities.” 

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