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Ansys Turbomachinery Webinar Series

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Join us for this miniature webinar series consisting of 15–20 minute webinars showing live demos and covering a variety of topics for our turbomachinery solutions. Start with our solution overview and meshing solutions and stay with us all the way to optimization and post-processing.

Ansys offers state-of-the-art software to help design a wide variety of turbomachinery equipment. Whether you are developing fans, pumps, compressors or turbines, Ansys simulation software allows you to quickly iterate and improve on designs.

On Demand Webinars

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Ansys Turbo Overview

Learn how Ansys solutions for turbomachinery can help you quickly iterate and improve designs for fans, pumps, compressors, turbines and more.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Generating a High-Quality Mesh

Learn how to produce a high-quality mesh for blade passages with automated mesh generation in a simple-to-use, streamlined workplace

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Automate Your CAD-to-Simulation Process

Go from CAD to simulation in minutes, not hours. Learn how Ansys helps you drive innovation and productivity.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Turbulence Modeling Best Practices

Turbomachinery involves unique challenges to turbulence modeling. This 15- minute webinar will discuss the details behind the stagnation point anomaly, transition modeling, curvature shear and separated flows — features present in most turbomachinery applications. Model recommendations and best practices will be outlined.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Generating Operating Maps

Learn how to easily create turbomachinery speedlines and operating maps in an automated, single setup using the operating map functionality in Ansys CFX.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Improving Designs Through Optimization

Design products that perform beyond what you thought was possible! Learn how Ansys optiSLang can help you optimize your design.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Transient Blade Row Methods

The flow within turbomachinery is transient in nature, leading to a steadily growing demand for transient simulations. Capturing transient phenomena close to the stability limits, accounting for rotor/stator interaction effects and prediction of aeromechanics and aeroacoustics effects are becoming more common. Using Transient Blade Row methods and Harmonic Analysis, transient simulation times can be reduced by orders of magnitude for cases with large blade counts and for multiple stages with different blade counts.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Conjugate Heat Transfer and Blade Film Cooling

The flow within a gas turbine blade is very complex with the blade passage film and internal cooling passages. The ability to simulate these types of flows has been limited by the mesh and models available. With the new features and capabilities in Ansys CFD, modeling of film cooling holes, cooling tree and passages can be modeled with different levels of fidelity.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Improving Durability with Aeromechanics

This 15-minute webinar will cover how to set up and run aeromechanical simulations, including blade flutter and forced response.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Simulating Fluid-structure Interaction

This 15-minute webinar will cover how to set up and run 1-way and 2-way FSI simulations (coupling Ansys CFX, Ansys Fluent and Ansys Mechanical).  

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Analyzing Acoustics from Your CFD Simulation

This 15-minute webinar will cover how to set up a CFD simulation and simulate the noise produced from a four-bladed quadcopter drone.

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Turbo in 15 Minutes: Photo Realistic Post-Processing

Post-processing results is an important aspect of every simulation process. Besides the focus on quantitative results, the increased level of digital marketing is triggering demands for high quality presentation of images and animations. Engineers are asked to sell their results inside their own company or to potential customers. The use of latest technology is demonstrated and explained.

Live Webinar
March 24, 2021 11 AM EDT / 3 PM GMT / 4 PM CET / 8:30 PM IST
Ansys Rail Webinars
How to Design Safety-Critical Embedded Software for Autonomous Trains

As trains become more autonomous in nature, embedded software acts as a control center — monitoring conditions in real time, processing data and activating critical functions like braking and acceleration. 

This webinar and demonstration showcase how Ansys and SYSGO are teaming up to navigate these challenges, enabling railway engineers to introduce smart, automated solutions that deliver uncompromising safety, no matter how fast the industry is growing.

Chafic Jaber, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys
Dr. Oliver Kühlert, Technical Product Marketing Manager, SYSGO

Live Webinar
March 31, 2021 4 AM EST / 9 AM GMT / 10 AM CET / 2:30 PM IST
Ansys Automotive Webinars
How to Troubleshoot, Qualify and Quantify Noise, Vibrations and Sound Quality in the Rail Industry

This webinar is for acoustics and vibration teams working in railway industries, for part suppliers and OEMs.

Based on test measurements and CAE simulations, this webinar will demonstrate how Ansys tools are used to troubleshoot, qualify and quantify noise, vibrations and sound quality.

Speaker: Clement Dendievel

Live Webinar
April 07, 2021 4 AM EDT / 9 AM BST / 1:30 PM IST
Ansys Rail Webinars
Smarter Materials Selection to Lightweight Train Floors

Development cycles in motorsports are usually quite short; this is also becoming true for standard car development. To reduce testing and the time necessary to plan, design and produce a car, the application of modern engineering simulation methods is crucial.

This webinar focuses on the development of the Volkswagen ID.R — an electric-powered, high-performance prototype car — which was developed in roughly eight months. This was only possible through the massive use of a wide range of simulation tools in fields like structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and system simulation. Some of these applications and the resulting solutions will be shown in this webinar.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Ahrenholz, Head of CAE Department at Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH

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