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Quaise Energy Develops Hybrid Deep Drilling

Quaise Energy Generates Geothermal Energy

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A New Type of Energy Drilling System

Quaise Energy is pursuing the development and commercialization of millimeter wave drilling technology for deep geothermal heat access, mining, and civil construction. Their hybrid deep drilling method enables drilling at depths beyond what can be accomplished today with conventional methods. Quaise’s technology is creating a promising future for the transition of clean energy globally. CEO and co-founder Carlos Araque explains how simulation is helping Quaise achieve its goals.

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“Simulation is a workhorse for everything we do. With it, we’re able to develop a system that allows you to tap a clean geothermal energy source no matter where you are in the world, at a cost parity with the most competitive renewables. No one, before Quaise Energy, has been able to accomplish that.”

Carlos Araque,
CEO and Co-Founder at Quaise Energy

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Understanding the Thermodynamics of Millimeter Wave Drilling

Through advanced modeling and simulation, Quaise saved three months of testing time and reduced campaign testing from 10 iterations to three.

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