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Ansys + Embraer

Innovative Aviation

A Marathon, not a Sprint

Without simulation, product development would take extensive amounts of time, and autonomy is a prime example. As one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Embraer partners with Ansys to use the latest and greatest simulation solutions to make their aviation innovations a reality.

See why Julio Bolzani, head of Autonomous Systems, Embraer, values the streamlined processes resulting from the partnership between Embraer and Ansys.

“Our partnership with Ansys is really critical for us in the sense that they not only help us accelerate building products, but they also help us build the process to ensure that we get the safety level that we want. Ansys has very interesting and very powerful physics-based simulation.”

Julio Bolzani
Head of Autonomous Systems, Embraer

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Aircraft antenna placement

Investigating Placement of Antennas Inside an Aircraft Fuselage

Engineers at the Brazilian National Institute of Telecommunications (Inatel) and Embraer have teamed up to determine whether antennas can be designed to work omnidirectionally while being located inside a composite-based fuselage.  

airplane wing

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Aerospace

Ansys simulation solutions deliver significant product life cycle cost reductions that the aviation industry demands, while accelerating the technological innovation required for tomorrow’s success.