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Astrobotic Technology

Shooting for the Moon

The Final Frontier 

Lunar logistics company Astrobotic Technology is on a mission to make robotic and human space exploration accessible to the world. From landers and rovers to autonomous spacecraft navigation systems, Astrobotic Technology builds and operates the cutting-edge technology helping to usher in a new age of science and discovery.

Hear from the team at Astrobotic Technology on how Ansys simulation solutions help them make a leap of certainty in lunar lander design.

“We work through very rapid iteration and design changes to narrow in on a structure capable of withstanding the launch environment, the harsh vacuum of space and all its temperature differences, as well as the actual landing itself. Simulation is critical for understanding these environments, the stresses, and the behaviors of the structures we are creating. Astrobotic’s use of Ansys has been incredibly valuable and is essential to the mission.”

Lauren Whitehouse
Structural Analysis Engineer at Astrobotic Technology

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Simulation in Aerospace

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Aerospace

Ansys simulation solutions deliver the significant product life cycle cost reductions that the aviation industry demands, while accelerating the technological innovation required for tomorrow’s success.

rpl student designs

Ansys Software Drives Innovation in RPL Student Designs

As the first undergraduate student team to send a rocket to space, the University of Southern California’s Rocket Propulsion Lab (RPL) analyzed complex problems across many technical areas.