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April 4, 2022

Simulation World 2022: Speakers Talk Digital Transformation Strategy

Sixty percent of business leaders cite digital transformation as one of the top drivers for growth in 2022.1 Enhancing digital capabilities through simulation injects a greater level of certainty into new product development, increases business agility, and accelerates progress in ever-shifting markets to boldly deliver innovative, just-in-time solutions for customers.

At Ansys, we see how simulation enables our customers to take large, transformational business leaps forward into something new, and we’re eager to share those experiences with you. Thought leaders from the some of the world’s most innovative companies are excited to join us at Simulation World 2022 to share their amazing stories.

Simulation World is organized into multiple tracks focused on exceptional companies and the leaders behind them. These visionaries share one common belief: Simulation empowers bold, transformational business leaps in new directions to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. You’ll hear how simulation helps them to stretch beyond the limits of what was once possible to achieve something truly remarkable. 

Simulation World Lineup: Who’s Who in 2022?

No two Simulation World events are ever the same. This year’s event highlights the unique, exciting perspectives of those who dare to dream big, using simulation as their guidepost. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re curious about the power of simulation to transform your business model or gathering fresh creative insights to help you discover something new. Here’s a sneak peek of some of these featured speakers, organized by nine great tracks.

  • Leading Transformational Leaps Forward: Welcome to the Simuverse showcases Diamond Sponsors Microsoft, HPE Intel, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) — plus many other can’t-miss speakers from Google Cloud, LGE, and more — who will let you in on how they leverage digital twins, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), technology ecosystems, cloud-based and high-performance computing, app development, and more to advance their respective industries.
  • Legacy-defining Leaps offers insights from industry leaders at Baker Hughes, Synopsys, and Optimo Medical on how they are positioning their organizations to lead digital transformations through bold, strategic decision-making.
Ajei Gopal, President and CEO of Ansys

Ajei Gopal, President and CEO of Ansys, will deliver the opening keynote address.

  • The Simulation Imperative: A Critical Component of Digital Transformation features presentations from Siemens Energy, Ferrari Competizioni GT, Bosch, and others on how the aerospace, automotive, high-tech, and consumer product sectors are reinventing themselves using the power of simulation.
  • During Earth Rescue, thought leaders from YewMaker, Mojet, and Air Race E will contribute their insights on using simulation to accelerate progress toward sustainability goals and finding solutions to some of the most pressing environmental challenges.
  • The Goal of Zero Physical Prototypes offers up thoughts from key decision-makers at Nokia, Oracle Red Bull Racing, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals on the value of replacing physical prototypes with virtual ones.
  • Merck KGaA Darmstadt Germany kicks off How In Silico Trials are Upending Clinical Trials, followed by insights from Boston Scientific, the University of Leeds, TECHFIT Digital Surgery, and Johnson & Johnson on how simulated in silico trials reduce costs and time to market while improving product safety for patients.
  • During If You Build It, you'll hear from several exciting startups including Lightyear, MicroAMP, Potential Motors, and Offworld on how they use simulation to confidently design, develop, and test their innovative technologies.
  • How Academia is Shaping the Future considers how academic thought leaders from the University of Colorado, Oklahoma State University, Cornell University, and other institutions are evolving engineering curriculum to teach future engineers to solve the world’s most complex problems while driving transformational research.
  • Cloud-Powered Ecosystem speakers will show how cloud computing is expanding simulation’s benefits to more people, powering incredible simulation scale and performance gains, and enabling unprecedented innovation and collaboration.

Attendees can mix and match presentations from different tracks to create their own custom agendas. The full Simulation World 2022 agenda will be revealed April 18.

Registration for Simulation World 2022 is Just a Click Away

The free, online event kicks off on May 18. Don’t miss the chance to participate in this unique experience. Register now for Simulation World 2022.


  1. PwC Pulse Survey: Executive Views on Business in 2022”, PwC Pulse Survey, January 2022.

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