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July 18, 2023

The Road to Innovation is Driven by Simulation

Watch Ansys’ new docuseries to see how simulation is powering the future of mobility.

We’ve arrived at a major inflection point in mobility. Everything we understand about the journey from point A to point B is poised for disruption punctuated by bursts of innovation. The road ahead is paved with exciting, yet unfamiliar experiences. How, exactly, will the mainstream adoption of electrification, automated driving, and software-defined vehicles shape our travels? Ready or not, there’s already tremendous momentum behind this shift as the industry races toward a new reality.

What’s driving these episodes? Each touches on one of the following themes centered around how simulation is powering innovation in mobility.

  • Championship-level innovation. To keep pace with rapidly changing conditions, professional racing teams must be ready to make split-second decisions both on and off the track to make the podium. Simulation is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in automotive engineering — not only to power the top finishers in every racing circuit, but to drive innovations in mobility that extend beyond the track.
  • Greener travels. Tomorrow's transportation will be fueled by greener resources on the road to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. This means that how we get around will require a complete rethink of vehicle design, as well as a reboot of transportation infrastructure to deliver charging or refueling where travelers need it most. The world’s brightest innovators have turned to simulation to help decarbonize transportation and build clean, reliable mobility solutions.
  • Connected experience. Staying connected is an experience that should travel with us wherever we go — including the journeys we take in our vehicles. It requires more computing power and increasingly complex software applications to support the hands-free calling, navigation, entertainment, and other in-vehicle tech we've come to expect. To this end, simulation is enabling further development of increasingly software-defined vehicles.
  • Reliability off the grid. Ascending rocky trails or mudding off the beaten path has a distinct appeal. But when you’re miles from the nearest cellphone tower, the reliability of your electronics, battery, and mechanical parts takes on whole new level of importance. Off-roading brings challenges that distinguish it from cruising on a four-lane highway, and simulation helps off-road developers tackle these extreme driving conditions.
  • Delegated driving. With more connectivity comes more complexity. The driving experience is becoming automated, thanks to the harmonious function of an incredible network of advanced technologies, sensors, and response mechanisms. Simulation is making breakthrough advanced safety and self-driving technologies a reality faster by enabling developers to quickly explore more “what-if” scenarios.

Formula One Optimizes Performance

In a few weeks, we’ll be airing our first episode of Driven by Simulation with Ansys Innovation Partner Oracle Red Bull Racing to learn how simulation helps the team optimize performance during both testing and competition. In fact, driver Max Verstappen, who has so far enjoyed multiple Formula One wins this season, may be on course to seal his third title. 

Oracle Red Bull Racing Goes with the Flow
Ansys Driven by Simulation

“In the old days we would have had to prototype physically, and that’s expensive, it takes time, and you don’t get the results for months in advance,” says Zoe Chilton, head of Strategic Partnerships, Oracle Red Bull Racing. “Now, we can prototype in the virtual world, go to the virtual wind tunnel, and get data — real, valuable data — that we can use to correlate what happens on the track really quickly. So, it means we’re able to make decisions more rapidly.”

On the street, off-road, or at the track, Ansys empowers innovation that makes our mobility experiences faster, safer, cleaner, and more connected. Ansys offers a comprehensive suite of engineering software solutions that help engineers respond to the ever-changing demands of vehicle development as they set out to redefine mobility. Simply put, when it’s “Driven by Simulation,” it’s driven by Ansys.

To learn more about our exciting new docuseries visit Driven by Simulation.

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