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July 13, 2020

Perform Parametric Studies with HPC Licensing in Ansys 2020 R2

What is true for manufacturing companies is also true for engineering simulation software providers. In a competitive climate, we must continually aim for innovation, listen to the voice of our customers, anticipate swiftly changing needs and make appropriate changes. The new HPC-based parametric licensing introduced in Ansys 2020 R2 is proof of that.

Because design for product performance and integrity is a pressing engineering imperative today, design engineering teams must progress from examining a single design variation to exploring the numerous design variations required for the widest range of material properties, manufacturing processes and real-world operating conditions. The greatest obstacle to design exploration is the time required to run all the design variations.

One way to reduce that time is to solve multiple design variations simultaneously. Parallel computing provides the means to process those designs efficiently, but there is another challenge to simultaneous design exploration: licensing. Multiple licenses would be required, which makes running simultaneous design variations cost-prohibitive for many users. Ansys had addressed this challenge with two licensing solutions:

1) HPC Parametric Pack for Ansys CFD and Mechanical applications

2) Distributed Solve Option for Ansys Electronics Desktop applications

Parametric Studies: Many Simulations, One HPC Licensing Solution

While these products helped customers to reduce their solve time, a single product that would cover electromagnetics, fluid dynamics and structural mechanics applications was needed. With 2020 R2, Ansys is delivering a single solution that enables simultaneous execution of multiple design variations using standard HPC licenses.

Instead of using solver licenses, HPC licenses can be used from 2020 R2 onward to conduct concurrent simulations of parametric variations. Supported use cases include Workbench Design Points, Electronics Desktop and CFX operating maps. Each additional parametric variation will consume either one HPC Pack license or eight (individual) HPC licenses. Moreover, each parametric variation provides four included parallel cores, analogous to the four cores included with each solver license.

More Parametric Analysis Means More ROI

The license model provides increased ROI as you increase the number of parametric variations. For parametric analysis, the ROI will not increase, in a linear fashion, with the number of design points/variations as each were completely independent. For example, the cost of the hundredth variation in a parameter study is lower than that of the tenth variation.

Pricing model of HPC-based (parametric design point) licensing reflects a decreasing cost per variation as the number of variations in a single study increases.


Check out how many HPC licensing increments you need by using this parametric licensing calculator. Or, learn about the newly added flexibility of HPC licensing by viewing the “Ansys 2020 R2: HPC Licensing Update” webinar.

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