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April 22, 2022

Earth Rescue Spotlights Simulation-Powered Sustainability Efforts

Nineteen of the most sweltering years on record have occurred after 2000. According to NASA, there are a few reasons for that. Earth’s average surface temperature has risen about 2 degrees Fahrenheit since last century. It continues to rise, due to an increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions released into the atmosphere through human activities like deforestation and burning fossil fuels, as well as natural processes such as volcanic eruptions.

From warming oceans melting ice sheets in Antarctica to rising temperatures causing glaciers to retreat off the Swiss Alps, climate change is having an impact on the planet via land, sea, and sky.

Get a sneak peek of the Earth Rescue online series from Ansys.

But millions of people around the world are researching and developing new ways — and products — to help make the world a cleaner and cooler place.

You can see the critical role that simulation has in global sustainability efforts firsthand on Earth Rescue, an Ansys docuseries featuring pioneering developments powered by simulation and some of the world’s most unique innovators.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, join us to learn how simulation helps organizations around the globe innovate smarter, cleaner, and faster to design and build products that change the world.

Action! Cue Simulation, Sustainability, and Science

Set to launch during Simulation World 2022 on May 18, Earth Rescue will stream on and the Ansys YouTube channel.

In a four-part docuseries, Ansys will take viewers behind the scenes for a closer look into the world of simulation and how it is being used to influence positive transformation in climate change, sustainability, and more. 

Each episode will feature Ansys customers who are using simulation to develop revolutionary technology and products to better our planet with environmental cleanup efforts, renewable energy sources, and sustainable transportation.

In its first episode, Earth Rescue will highlight Ansys customers who are making strides in clean energy — from developing geothermal technologies to emission-free energy storage systems. Future episodes will focus on additional energy advancements, such as floating wind turbines and hydrogen; companies that are cleaning up our land, seas and skies; and next-level clean transportation solutions.

Come Along, You’re in Good Hands

Host Rosh D’Arcy brings a wealth of subject matter expertise as a trained Earth scientist with a Master’s degree in climate change development and policy. He’s also a doctoral student in climate change communication, and is putting his study into practice by delivering educational content through his YouTube channel “All About Climate.”

rosh darcy earth rescue

Earth Rescue Host Rosh D'Arcy

Most importantly, D’Arcy is as passionate about the planet as we are. In addition to Earth Rescue, he is currently developing a climate change series with Disney+. As the project’s sole researcher, D’Arcy will direct the scientific narrative of the series while collaborating with and interviewing climate scientists from around the world. D’Arcy’s past credits include Apple TV’s “Tiny World,” the engineering series “When Big Things Go Wrong” on the History Channel, and the science series “Horizon” on BBC.

A Sure Thing for Sustainability: Don’t Miss Out

To learn how innovators around the world Take a Leap of Certainty with Ansys, tune into Earth Rescue to see how the predictive accuracy of Ansys simulation is shaping — and creating — a better future.

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