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December 19, 2022

Ansys to Feature Sustainability Solutions at CES 2023

While CES started with a focus on consumer electronics, recently it has broadened its scope to include themes like sustainability.

“As calls to fight climate change intensify, technology companies are finding ways to become part of the solution,” the conference organizers state on the CES 2023 website.

By shining a light on companies that create technologies to increase sustainability, CES is helping combat climate change that threatens the long-term health of our planet.

Highlights of sustainability events include a keynote speech by John Deere CEO, John May, on how purpose-driven sustainability and advancements in technology are helping to feed the world’s growing population. Other sustainability sessions include:

  • The Era of Sustainable Consumer Electronics
  • New Era of Home Energy: EVs, Solar, Storage
  • The XTC Startup Pitch Competition: Sustainable Smart Cities & Web 3

Ansys Is All-In on Sustainability

Ansys has long had a commitment to fight climate change, working with companies in all industries to make their products:

  • Lightweight by using composites, alternative lightweight alloys, and topology optimization.
  • Energy efficient by simulating the causes of energy loss in a product, whether thermal, electromagnetic, fluidic, or structural in origin.
  • Less polluting by supporting electrification of automobiles, aircraft, and other means of transportation, and accelerating the development of sustainable alternative energy sources.

Our four pillars for sustainability are materials and circularity, clean environment, energy solutions, and manufacturing and operational efficiency. This growing commitment to sustainability led us to make it the overarching theme of our efforts for CES 2023, focusing on the automotive, aerospace and defense (A&D), high tech, healthcare, and industrial energy industries.

Visit us at booth 4401 in Mobility Hall to see demonstrations of our sustainability initiatives.

Earth and stars above

Earth Rescue Documentary Series

This year, we produced a four-episode, online video series — Earth Rescue — to highlight how our customers are inventing sustainable products and processes with the help of Ansys simulation solutions. Watch the episodes on the big screen at our booth to see a few of our customers spotlighted.

Each 20-minute episode features host Roshan Salgado D’Arcy interviewing Ansys customers on the leading edge of environmental technologies about their challenges and how they use simulation to solve them:

  • New Energy features interviews with leading personnel from X1 Wind (Spain), which is developing floating offshore wind platforms to capture wind energy far out at sea; Baker Hughes (Italy), which is investigating efficient use of hydrogen power; and General Fusion (Canada), a company that is developing nuclear fusion solutions.
  • Mobility highlights interviews with Turntide (United Kingdom), which is focused on electrifying construction vehicles, agricultural equipment, ships, and trains; MagniX (United States), a company that is developing electrification solutions for short-haul aircraft; and Bimotal (United States), which has developed an attachable device to provide electrical power assistance for any bicycle.
  • Clean Up features interviews with Climeworks (Switzerland), which is developing filter materials for direct capture and removal of CO2 from the air; Astroscale (United Kingdom), which is creating spacecraft that can magnetically dock with dead satellites and other space debris to mitigate the buildup of hazardous junk in space; and Enerkem (Canada), which is developing systems that convert non-recyclable, non-combustible waste materials into biofuels and other chemicals. 
X30 Floater

X1 Wind's floating platform.

Motorizing the Bike You Love with Bimotal and Ansys Simulations

Bimotal's an attachable device to provide electrical power assistance for any bicycle.

Ansys Customer Product Displays at Our Booth

Some of our customers have lent us their sustainable products that they developed using our software for display in our booth. These include:

  • An AF125 motor, a battery, and G5 and S9 inverters from Turntide.
  • An e-Omnia X Type e-Bike from Bianchi.
  • A ZooZ device from Autotalks that was designed to increase safety in micromobility.
  • Two HIVE air cleaner units from Praan that remove particulate matter and greenhouse gases directly from the atmosphere.

Visit us at CES in booth 4401 to see our customers innovations and speak to Ansys experts about how we can help you with your engineering opportunities.  

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