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Ansys Electronics Desktop Student  - Free Software Download

Ansys Electronics Desktop Student offers free access to the industry gold-standard Ansys simulators for work with antenna, RF, microwave, PCB, IC and IC package designs, along with electromechanical devices such as electric motors and generators. Students will have access to Ansys HFSS, Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Q3D, Ansys Icepak, Ansys Twin Builder, and Ansys Circuit, allowing design work on a broad range of electrical and electromechanical systems. Ansys HFSS is a multipurpose, full-wave 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software. Ansys Maxwell is a 3D electromagnetic simulation solver for electric machines and electromechanical devices. Ansys Q3D Extractor calculates the parasitic parameters of resistance, inductance, capacitance and conductance (RLCG) for electronics designs. Ansys Icepak is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver for electronics thermal management. Ansys Twin Builder is a software platform for creating virtual models that mimic the behavior of physical assets or systems, enabling predictive maintenance and optimization.

Terms of Use: Free student downloads are for educational use only and may only be used for self-learning, student instruction, student projects, and student demonstrations.

(Built-in license valid until 07/31/25)

Before Installing:

  1. Ensure that your computer meets the technical requirements necessary to run the software.
  2. Ensure that you have administrative privileges for the computer on which you are installing this product.
  3. Please visit our Ansys Learning Forum for additional assistance.

To perform the Ansys Electronics Desktop Student installation, follow the steps below.

  1. Save all data and close all Windows applications before continuing.
  2. After downloading the installation zip file, uncompress the file to a new temporary directory.
  3. In the temporary directory, locate and right click the setup.exe file and select Run as administrator. Click Next on the installation window. The license agreement appears.
  4. Read the agreement, and if you agree to the terms and conditions, select Yes.
  5. The directory where you want to install Ansys products is shown in the Install Directory field.
    You can install the products into any directory for which you have write permissions. The default is C:\Program Files\AnsysEM. Click the Next to continue. Click Next on the review settings window showing directory and disc space information.
  6. The installation progress screen displays a status bar toward the bottom of the installation window. You will not be able to interrupt the installation process.
    The installation program will check your system for the necessary prerequisites (described above). The prerequisites will be installed automatically if not already available.

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit (Professional, Enterprise and Education), supported builds: LTSB and CBB (CB not supported)

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • CPU: Pentium® 4 2.0 GHZ or Athlon® 2000+ or faster, 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 17 GB hard drive space
  • Graphics card and driver: Professional workstation class 3-D
  • OpenGL-capable

Download Times and Supported Browsers:
These are large files. Your internet connection speed and connection overhead will determine how long the download will take. 

Download Speed (Mbps)

Average Download Time for Ansys Electronics Desktop Student Product

Supported Internet Browsers

10 Mbps (10Base-T)

80 mins

  • Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer (7 or higher): Download Manager option as a pop-up window or a new browser tab.
  • Google Chrome: Direct download with no option to use a Download Manager.
  • Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (or earlier) and other browsers are not supported.

25 Mbps (ATM25)

32 mins

50 Mbps (OC1)

15 mins


Ansys HPC (High-Performance Computing):
Supports up to four cores for HPC solutions.

  • Mesh element count limit:
    • HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor: 3D volume: 64,000 elements, 3D surface: 8,000 elements, 2D: 2,000 triangles
    • Icepak: 512K elements
  • HFSS: SBR+, hybrid and mesh assembly solves not supported
  • No geometry export
  • Geometry Import for DXF and STEP formats only
  • Circuit
    • Limit of 50 components
    • Netlist design type not supported
    • Command line analysis initialization not supported
  • Twin Builder
    • Limit of 15 components, including top level, subcircuits, and structural SML
    • Restrictions in compiling a Twin Model and co-simulation FMU
    • Restrictions in exporting models as Twin or FMU
  • OptiSlang, LSDSO, and integration with Ansys Workbench not supported
  • Beta features not supported
  • Local solve only (remote configuration not supported)
  • Limited to four cores
  • Academic terms of use

Renewable, twelve-month lease.

  • Ansys HFSS
  • Ansys Maxwell
  • Ansys Q3D Extractor
  • Ansys Icepak
  • Ansys Twin Builder
  • Ansys Circuit



  • HF and LF Electromagnetics
  • Electromechanical analysis
  • Electrothermal analysis
  • Integrated 3D modeling environment
  • Integrated optimetrics


Features and Capabilities:

Ansys HFSS:

  • High-frequency full-wave EM simulation
  • Automatic adaptive meshing
  • SYZ-parameter extraction
  • Local, near- and far-field data

Ansys Maxwell:

  • Low-frequency EM simulation
  • Automatic adaptive meshing
  • Multidomain system modeling
  • Electric machine simulation

Ansys Q3D Extractor:

  • 3D and 2D quasi-static electromagnetics
  • RLC parameter extraction
  • Power/signal integrity analysis
  • Transmission line RLGC modeling

Ansys Icepak:

  • Electrothermal coupling and cooler modeling
  • DC Joule heating and multifluid analysis
  • ROM flow and thermal analysis
  • Unstructured, body-fitted meshing

Ansys Twin Builder:

  • Integrated Graphical Modeling Environment
  • Mulit-Domain System Simulation
  • 3D ROM
  • System Optimization

Ansys Circuit:

  • Supports LNA, Transient and DC solves


Geometry Import:


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Courses to Get Started with Ansys Electronics Desktop Student

The Ansys Electronics Desktop Student free product download provides access to Ansys HFSS, Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Q3D Extractor and Ansys Icepak. Our free Innovation Courses provide a free way to learn online. The links to our “Getting Started” courses are a great first step after downloading our product. 

Videos to Get Started with Ansys Electronics Desktop Student

This playlist is designed to help you get up and running with the basics of our Ansys Electronics Desktop Student product. This product includes Ansys HFSS, Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Icepak and Ansys Q3D, but this playlist is focused specifically on the Ansys HFSS portion.


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