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Case Study

Engrana Utilizes Ansys SpaceClaim in CFD Analysis

Engrana utilizes Ansys SpaceClaim as a key tool for preparing solid geometry for computational fluid dynamics analysis (CFD). Clients typically supply CAD files of solid geometry that often contain many details that are not relevant to the flow analysis. Engrana uses SpaceClaim to de-feature and simplify the solid geometry, as well as to decompose the geometry in order to produce high-quality hex-dominant meshes. Additionally, SpaceClaim is used to extract flow volumes from the solid geometry.

Before SpaceClaim, geometry de-featuring was left mainly to clients, and cleanup was often a difficult, iterative task. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of SpaceClaim has made the process of transitioning to this tool a breeze, and it allows Engrana to free clients from the burden of geometry cleanup.


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