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February 16, 2021

Register for Simulation World 2021 to Engineer What’s Ahead

The world’s largest virtual engineering simulation event is tackling today’s largest and most complex technological challenges. Simulation World 2021 will take attendees beyond the hype to share real-world simulation best practices and proven digital disruption capitalization strategies from industry experts.

Register for Simulation World 2021 to join the innovators who are spearheading digital transformation in industries as diverse as automotive, semiconductor and health care, and from global engineering leaders and mid-sized companies to maverick startups alike. Simulation World is a destination for product design and development teams, wherever they are on their engineering simulation journey. No matter whether you’re just getting started in simulation or are applying decades of experience to new challenges, Simulation World 2021 will inform and inspire you.

Get Expert Answers to Critical Questions

Join us April 20-21 (Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and April 21-22 (Asia-Pacific) to learn how some of the world’s most esteemed companies from industries such as aerospace and defense, transportation, energy and consumer goods are applying simulation to address their most vexing engineering challenges. Ansys partners and experts will be on hand with tips and tricks to get the most out of your product design and development workflow and insights into how your peers are driving efficiencies and speed to market. Interactive chat features in our virtual conference platform will help you connect in real time with your colleagues worldwide to ask questions and network.

At Simulation World, you can learn how to do what would be virtually impossible without simulation, all while mitigating expensive false starts, engineering change orders and manufacturing setbacks. See how simulation provides you with superpowers to engineer what’s ahead. Simulation World will present solutions aligned with the top megatrends in engineering simulation, as well as practical and strategic information to apply and advance digital transformation in five tracks.

1. Autonomy includes autonomous sensor and hardware development, autonomous software development, autonomous system design and autonomous system validation presentations.

2. 5G Connectivity features topics such as high-bit-rate system design, end-user equipment design, base station and microcell design and integration.

3. Electrification covers electric machine design and development, battery design and development, electrified powertrain systems integration, power electronics and more.

4. Digital Transformation: Applied explains how organizations use simulation to deliver innovation while accelerating time to market and mitigating risk. It will include organizations from various industries, including automotive and ground transportation, aerospace and defense, health care, industrial equipment, high tech, sports, consumer products, and material and chemical processes.

5. Digital Transformation: Accelerated helps organizations amplify simulation via engineering productivity and collaboration, cloud computing and high-performance computing (HPC), product design and development strategies, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and an integrated internet of things (IIOT) approach.

Broaden Your Engineering Simulation Horizons

Simulation World combines brilliant physics and revolutionary technologies to help you efficiently develop better products and systems and successfully complete your mission. Leverage our presenters’ expertise in finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), electronics, semiconductors, embedded software, design optimization and multi-domain mission-level software. Create answers where there were only questions. Discover ways forward where there were only dead ends. Push boundaries to transform outdated processes.

Simulation World is for visionaries from companies of all shapes and sizes who want to solve the world’s most complex and meaningful problems. Learn how pervasive engineering simulation and digital mission engineering enable creators to explore limitless possibilities, freeing them to take advantage of digital transformation opportunities.

Join us April 20-21 (Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and April 21-22 (Asia-Pacific) at Simulation World 2021 to go beyond the flash and sizzle of the megatrends. We look forward to engineering what’s ahead with you.

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