ANSYS 18 Webinar Series

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Pervasive engineering simulation, in which you can use simulation for every stage of your product's lifecycle, from product conception to design to operations and maintenance. Throughout February and March we will be offering webinars to introduce you to the new features of each area of our product line so you can get the most out of our enhanced engineering simulation solutions. Join us for any or all of these webinars to learn what's new in ANSYS 18.

On-Demand Webinars

ANSYS 18 Innovations - Mechanical Products Update

Presenter: Richard Mitchell, Lead Product Marketing Manager

Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize topology to design efficient, lightweight parts, and how to incorporate data from external sources in your simulations. You'll also learn how to:

  • Set up models more efficiently
  • Model materials like reinforced concrete
  • Calculate fatigue in harmonic and random vibrations

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - Fluids

Presenter: Bill Kulp, Lead Product Marketing Manager

Fluids Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn how serious CFD from ANSYS can help you solve your toughest fluid design challenges. Discover how:

  • Breakthrough Harmonic Analysis delivers accurate turbomachinery simulations up to 100x faster
  • Overset mesh can simplify and speed simulations that include structured mesh around individual parts
  • ANSYS AIM makes prep and meshing easy

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - High-Frequency Electromagnetics

Presenter: Matt Commens, Lead Product Manager

Watch this webinar to learn about new productivity enhancements, such as:

  • Breakthrough HPC technology for faster and more memory-efficient frequency sweeps
  • Advances in 3-D component technology
  • A new streamlined antenna workflow with an enhanced antenna design kit
  • Broadband adaptive meshing for improved accuracy and reliability
  • Integration of our Delcross Savant technoogy into the new HFSS 5BR+ (shooting and bouncing ray) workflow

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMI

Presenter: Steve Pytel, Jr., Product Manager

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How ANSYS 18 has enhanced the Chip-Package-System workflow to address design challenges in power integrity, signal integrity, ESD, thermal and structural challenges
  • How ANSYS solutions provide a unique virtual prototyping flow to simulate the electrical, thermal, and mechanical behaviors of high-speed electronics, enabling your system power and performance targets while reducing cost

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - AIM

AIM Webinar

John Graham, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Stephen Scampoli, Lead Product Manager
Tejas Rao, Senior Application Engineer

Register for this seminar to explore some of the major ANSYS 18 release highlights, including:

  • Extended collaboration between designers and analysts
  • Simultaneous post-processing of multiple simulation results
  • Simulation of one-way fluid-structure interaction with structural shell elements
  • The use of expressions for capturing real-world conditions

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - Systems and Simplorer

Presenter: Lee Johnson, Product Manager

Register for this webinar on the latest advances for systems applications with the release of ANSYS Simplorer 18. You will learn about Simplorer's enhanced capability for modeling complete physical systems:

  • A new graphical modeling editor for Modelica
  • New Reduced-Order Model interfaces
  • Compatibility with model libraries from Modelon

You'll also learn about new improvements in Interoperability:

  • new and enhanced connectivity with systems engineering processes,
  • support for FMI co-simulation,
  • system model identification and
  • closed-loop testing with embedded software designs in SCADE systems

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - Embedded Software

Presenter: Vincent Rossignol, Program Manager

Specialized automotive and avionics applications are more complex than ever while still meeting the highest levels of safety and quality. ANSYS 18 enables you to develop complex, high-integrity embedded applications that comply with the automotive open system architecture standard (AUTOSAR) and meet industry standards such as ISO-26262 and the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE). Bundling SCADE tools together gives you a seamless environment for effectively using the most advanced technologies for 3-D simulation and designing embedded systems and software.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How the Automotive package provides you with a solution for developing ADAS applications
  • How enhancements to the Avionics package deliver a solution for developing FACE applications that fulfill DO-178C requirements
  • How the combination of SCADE Display certified and automatic code generation toolchain and OpenGL SC 2.0 enables you to address the unique and stringent certification requirements of safety-critical and high-reliability display system markets

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - SpaceClaim

Spaceclaim Webinar

Justin Hendrickson, Director, Product Management
Roman Walsh, Technical Support Manager-Global Specialty Products

ANSYS 18.0, ANSYS SpaceClaim further integrates its ease of use and rapid geometry manipulation capabilities into common simulation workflows. From large changes to behind the scenes enhancements, you'll notice efficiency improvements across the board.

Join us for this webinar and learn about several improvements that are guaranteed to save time, enhance your designs and improve overall usability. We'll cover:

  • Continued development of SpaceClaim's scripting environment. With expanded recording capabilities and replayability of scripts on model versions, you'll save time in the steps needed to automate geometry tasks.
  • Faceted data optimization and smoothing enhancements. You can greatly simplify and smooth topology optimized STL data for downstream printing, while preserving the integrity of localized regions.
  • Lattice Infilling for additive manufacturing. The Infilling functionality has greatly expanded to include several lattice infill types, all with custom options to ensure your 3-D printed component has an ideal strength-to-weight relationship.
  • Exploration of inner details of a model with the new fly-through capability. Without hiding components or using cross sections, this capability provides graphical feedback at your fingertips while making it even more enjoyable to work in a 3-D environment.

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - Low Frequency Electromagnetics

Presenter: Marius Rosu, Lead Product Manager

Low Frequency Magnetics

Register for this webinar to learn about the latest enhancements to ANSYS Maxwell, including:

  • The industry-first Time Decomposition Method (TDM) for transient electromagnetic field simulation
  • Maxwell's new automated setup for eccentricity, advanced anisotropy and vector hysteresis modeling
  • A new magnetostriction modeling capability that lets you link the electrical and mechanical performance of electric machines to ensure quiet, robust design

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ANSYS 18 Innovations - Electronics Cooling

Presenter: David Rolando, Application Engineer

ANSYS 18.0 delivers innovative new solutions for electronics cooling. Thermal integrity is a critical design consideration for enclosure design, packages, and PCBs that affect reliability and product lifecycle. Thermal impact on the package, especially from the IC, is a key driver for material selection, cooling and form factor decisions that ultimately determine the size, weight and cost of the final product. It is critical for package and system designers to determine the thermal signature of their system.

Attend this webinar to learn about important new capabilities in ANSYS 18.0 regarding electronics cooling simulation, such as importing chip thermal models (CTM) from ANSYS RedHawk to ANSYS Icepak for thermal analysis of the complete IC, package and PCB. Designers of high-speed digital electronics, and thermal and mechanical engineers involved in electronic design should attend this informative webinar on electronics cooling analysis.

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