ANSYS SCADE Display facilitates embedded graphics, display and HMI development, and certified code generation for safety-critical displays — such as cockpit, head-up, helmet-mounted, flight management system, traffic and collision avoidance, and health and usage monitoring displays, as well as onboard airport navigation systems and digital maps.

With native support for the OpenGL® SC (Safety Critical) and ES (Embedded System) standards, SCADE Display represents a new generation of graphics software development tools, spanning prototyping, display design, simulation, verification and validation, and certified code generation for several safety standards.

SCADE Display drastically reduces critical project costs by providing WYSIWYG design entry with automatic qualified code generation technology. SCADE Display KCG Code Generator is qualifiable as a development tool under DO-178B, and as a DO-330 TQL-1 tool under DO-178C. It is certified under ISO 26262, IEC 61508:2010 at T3/SIL 3, and EN 50128:2011 at T3/SIL 3/4.

Development of HMI Behavioral Logic

- SCADE Suite enables you to develop the control logic associated with graphical HMIs designed in SCADE Display.


- Tight design-level integration of critical behavioral logic and graphic components in embedded applications

- Automated connection between SCADE Suite and SCADE Display designs


- Early prototyping and validation in white-box and blackbox modes between display application logic and graphic components

- Co-execution of SCADE Suite model and interactive SCADE Display specification as run-time free standalone executables


- Integration of automatic report generation between SCADE Suite models and SCADE Display graphical specifications


- Integrated deployment of SCADE Suite and SCADE Display generated code

SCADE Display Advanced Modeler

  • Advanced Modeler features
  • High-Quality Editing
  • Streamlined Design of Interactive HMIs
  • Integrated Font Management
  • Smooth Integration within Existing Environments
  • Java-Based Eclipse Model API
  • Configuration Management

SCADE Display Simulator and Checker

  • SCADE Display Simulator
    • Interactive Simulation
    • Early Symbology Verification
  • SCADE Display Design Checker
    • Automatic Design Checking


  • Automatic Code Generation
    • Generated code properties
    • Qualifiable/Certified SCADE Display KCG 6.4.3
    • SCADE Display KCG 6.6
  • Code Integration and Deployment
    • iOS Integration
    • Android Integration

See how our customers are using our software:



Xmbots develops UAVs for civilian markets, including agriculture, environmental, security and energy.  The Brazilian-based company must comply with aviation certification standards, like DO-178 when developing UAVs for the Brazilian market.  This is why they chose to use SCADE as part of their development process.  Their development cycle went from 2 years for an entirely hand-codded application to 6 months with SCADE.
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SCADE Display On-Board the Airbus A380 and A400M

SCADE Display On-Board the Airbus A380 and A400M

Airbus and Thales Avionics have been using SCADE Display together with SCADE Suite to develop the A380 Control and Display System (CDS). The integration of SCADE Display and SCADE Suite facilitates the complete specification of graphics and associated behavior. 

In addition to the CDS application, the innovative A380 On-board Airport Navigation System display also benefits from the safety-critical OpenGL capabilities of SCADE Display and SCADE Display KCG.

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