ANSYS Icepak Electronics Cooling

ANSYS Icepak

ANSYS Icepak for Electronics Cooling

For more than a decade, companies around the globe have relied on Icepak to carry out rapid heat transfer and fluid flow analyses of IC packages, printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies and complete products. Icepak enables you to easily make design tradeoffs and validate those modifications before building physical prototypes, reducing cost and time to market.

Leading companies around the world trust ANSYS Icepak software to provide robust and powerful computational fluid dynamics technology for electronics thermal management. It has an interactive interface with capabilities like smart objects for rapid electronic model creation. To accelerate model creation it can also import files from well-known MCAD and ECAD providers such as Altium, Cadence, Dassault, Mentor Graphics, PTC and Zuken. Icepak has additional customization capabilities that can improve customer productivity. The ECAD import feature simplifies conductivity mapping for PCBs and packages. Body fitted meshing captures the complex curvatures and results in accurate thermal analysis. Icepak has the best-in-class solver. Advanced post-processing capabilities can help in analyzing air flow and temperature on components, thus improving design performance and reducing the need for physical prototypes. To model real-world analysis, ANSYS Icepak can also seamlessly transfer data with different physics like Electromagnetic and Structural solvers using an easy drag-and-drop option in ANSYS Workbench.