ANSYS Q3D Extractor - parasitic extraction

ANSYS Q3D Extractor

ANSYS Q3D Extractor is the premier 2-D and 3-D parasitic extraction tool for engineers designing electronic packages, touchscreens and power electronic converters. Q3D Extractor performs electromagnetic field simulations required for the extraction of resistance, inductance, capacitance and conductance. Partial inductance and resistance are often extracted when designing power electronic converters, transformers and bus bars. Transmission line and cabling wizards provide intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces for rapid 2-D prototyping. Finally, Q3D couples with ANSYS Mechanical, Fluent and Icepak for inclusion of thermal stresses during design.

Leading companies around the world trust ANSYS Q3D Extractor to provide accurate, powerful and fast quasi-static electromagnetic parasitic extractions. Q3D Extractor provides both 2-D and 3-D analysis capabilities that encompass everything from cable modeling to touchscreen design. Q3D (also known as Quick3D) provides partial inductance and resistance extractions that help design DC-DC power converters, along with unit cell capacitance extractions for touchscreen devices. To accelerate model creation it can also import files from well-known MCAD and ECAD providers such as Altium, Autodesk, Cadence, Dassault, Mentor Graphics, PTC and Zuken. This greatly improves the efficiency of analyzing modern electronic packages and PCBs to ensure proper performance of integrated circuits. To model real-world devices, Q3D Extractor seamlessly transfers data to different physics solvers such as Icepak for thermal design and Mechanical for structural analysis within ANSYS Workbench.